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  • madhav-kumar 2 years ago

    All the best for the release..........kumar from Kenya

  • laila 6 years ago

    I am an die hard fan of Jayraj.. I have no words to explain such a genius,down to earth personality.. hence he may be termed as a arrogant,egoist director... After reading souch on him and gathering info about his pesoanlity traits from his friends, critics, fans and film go=ers, I have come to terms about his attiude of being humble, work hard, his vast knowledge on film making, diecton, etc... he is crtainly aGENIUS TO RECKON WITH... hey MAHANUBHAVA NJAN ANGEYE NAMIKKUNU,,,

  • suzanne 6 years ago

    mr jayaraj is exceptionally talented and no words to explain what good he is done for the malayalam cinema and also to the society,, he is too bold a director and that is his appeal to be admired.. good lck....

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