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  • srinidhi 3 years ago

    Hai Ayesha I watched all your movies in Kannada from Jayahe to Lady Boss. U r action is fanstatic and I believe that u should concentrate strongly on story line. I feel bad when your film flops.

  • update-required 3 years ago

    update profile

  • fan 3 years ago

    Please give me the link of chennamma ips, bete & obavva

  • nora 3 years ago

    Very cute and tallented. she has good future in tamil films.

  • dvivedula-srinivas-rao 4 years ago

    Madam u are superb. Your biceps are no match for any actress. U look awesome in cop's role. U always do action roles with 10 fights in every movie. One question for u Madam: Have u beaten up guys in your real life? pls. answer the question.