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  • kiara 3 years ago

    well she is gorgeous, good in acting and has good cinfidence.... but if this much more improvement than she's gonna be a supersar. she did too good in patiala house luv you jeneva talwar

  • david-wolfe 3 years ago

    Jeneva Talwar is the sexiest, most talented and most amazingly beautiful actress who ever grazed the screen! Please make more movies!

  • maani 3 years ago

    Your Mashallah .. Iv liked yOu very much in Patiala House and Turning 30 you were fabulous

  • rahul 3 years ago

    nice work in outsourced, unbelievable

  • david-wolfe 4 years ago

    Jeneva, you are amazing! Very Beautiful, and an amazingly talented actress! I adore you!

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