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  • terrell-wiley 4 years ago

    Hello its me again im in russia right know if you need any help with any language call me at 3137581468 I think jimmy bennett is hot if I saw him I would die for him

  • terrell-wiley-big-fan 4 years ago

    Hello.there my names terrell I iam a big huge fan of jimmy bennett Im also from russia and speak russian too love you jimmy th

  • karen-smith 6 years ago

    hey jimmy your so hot and i love your movies are you going to make another orphan or any other movies i love you!!:):)

  • leia 6 years ago

    Jimmy i love you and you are a great actor. i love orphan and shorts but when i watched orphan when esther suffocated you i was like NOOO!!!! but i dont know if you died cause i didn't really get it cause after that scene in the hospital you weren't in the movie anymore but the dad said you would be home in a few days but i dont know. if you died than NOO!!!!! if you lived than YAY!!!!!!

  • lara 6 years ago

    omg! he's soooo talented but. jimmy dude if ur readin this i have 2 tell u to STOP doin that rockin devil horn thing with ur fingers cuz, u do it practicly in every photo ur in, and theres nothin wrong with that particular pose, but if you do it EVERY time you get ur picture taken, then u might as well take 1 picture and photo copy it 100 time

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