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  • binoy-p-t 3 years ago

    I am one of your fan.you are having voice than any other performing singers. but the industry is not ready to accept your talent.

  • mohan 3 years ago

    i am your fan, you have a clear attitude & decision , don't miss it for getting chances

  • kevin 4 years ago

    Soothing voice you have sir

  • surendran 4 years ago

    Markosetta,we met in dubai when you came for a program.i had taken a photo with you.its still in my drawing room framed.thank you sir.we all love you.you hav lot of fans in dibai.you dont be knowing about it chetta

  • kumar-ps 4 years ago

    Sweetest voice next after to yesudas.A man with a decent attitue.I know him personally.Love you sir.your stage programs are the best.people want you.

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