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Kalanithi Maran (Tamil: கலாநிதி மாறன்), born 1965, is the Chairman and Managing Director of Sun Network, No 1 media company in South Asia and Asia...
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  • deepak 5 years ago

    sir m deepak here til date i knew u owned sun network but only yesterday i read about your history. it shows how dedicated and determined u wer achieve this position in the society from then onwards i have been thinking to do something that makes every one aware that there is a person called me in this world thanks to u sir now you are my role model i hope you have time read my post in your busy schedule

  • ganesh 5 years ago

    Dear sir, i am a strong fan of shankar and rajini and i am happy that Sun Pictures is releasing Enthiran.I hope you will release it during Deepavali as it would be a wonderful deepavali gift to all moviegoers around the world.tq

  • rajarajan 5 years ago

    sir,I like your services and I hope to your future. Thank you sir.

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