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  • aprajita-joshi-bhanot 3 years ago

    Hi, K.P It is real pride for us to see you in big screen.I wish you all the very Best from Shri Ram Centre family. Aprajita P.O. SRC

  • sadananda 4 years ago

    hi kali da you may not remember me as we meet in sri ram center i am doing my acting course and you come for rehearsal of DAKGHAR even we all acted with you in the last scene as stars do you remember. my phone no is 09811266577

  • capt-jhilmil-mukherjee 7 years ago

    dear bubu kaku while surfing through net, i came across this site.i want you to know that that we have seen you off n on in small screen as well as in the movie seher.i liked you particularly in that movie.but did not quite like you as shakuni.rest all in peace.nice talking to you Mago

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