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Karthik Kumar

21 Oct 1977 (Age 37)


Karthik Kumar, is an actor in Kollywood, the Tamil film industry. Before his break into films, he was a prominent celebrity among theater actors. He is popularly known as...
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  • sankar-yadhav 5 years ago

    advance happy birthday

  • ammu 5 years ago

    advance happy birthday

  • malini-mogan 6 years ago

    hi karthik. have to tell you that you are a wonderful and marvelous actor. good expression; very rare to find such an artist. Your choice of films and stories are extraordinary and very interesting. I'm waiting to watch more of your movies. I like you so much; your talent. Good........impressive.

  • kolanchinathan 6 years ago

    hai whish to get all prosperous life and to get good opportunity from massive picture for write lyrics . The young poetry mr mahesh's (jayakondan) lyrics very super i believe he will write more songs in future.

  • skarthickkumar 6 years ago

    hi,how ar you

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