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Kashmira Shah


A former model and beauty queen (both as Miss University World and Miss India talent winner), Shah has acted on the big screen and on stage for over eight years, fast becoming...
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  • andy 3 years ago

    Ur best asset is ur smile. so smile a lot n all t best for future.

  • andy 4 years ago

    Ur hair style is also sexy dear. ANand.

  • anand 4 years ago

    Hai Kashmira. U r Very Beautifull and talented. U r dressing sense is alos very sexy. i fell in love with u. love u a lot dear. Anand.

  • rfhmf 4 years ago

    milk ur boobs and ass

  • leo 5 years ago

    She is very seductive , talented actress.I like her a lot

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