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Lisa Ray

04 Apr 1972 (Age 43)


Birth Name: Lisa Rani Ray Lisa Ray was finishing high school in Canada with aspirations of majoring in Journalism at University when a celebrated fashion magazine approached...
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  • sam-gill 3 years ago

    I see movie kasoor once in a month just for Lisa :).It is my fav fav fav movie.Her speaking style in this movie, i love it n specialy her nose shape :).

  • indrajit-das 5 years ago

    Happy B' Day my Sweet hear........

  • prasanth 5 years ago

    DEAR Advance Birthday Wishes for u........

  • raju-tamrakar 6 years ago

    happy birthday Lisa iam raju mumbai

  • ketan-from-rajkot 6 years ago

    hi liza how r u now?i think u will b fine and u will difinetely be alright ok i advise u to take ayurved medicine specially turmeric (haldi powder)ok take this powder three times in a day with honey i like u very much u take good care of u boss.i pray to god for your good and healthy health for ever.love u very much

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