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  • jane-walter 6 years ago

    Dear Ms. Pilcher, You are probably aware of the scene where Jack Kevorkian first administered his assisted suicide at the Tamarack log cabin in the woods not far (a few miles) from where you are filming. Right now and probably the rest of the week the trees surrounding the cabin are in peak and it would be the most picturesque scene of your movie. Its well worth the drive to check it out. I am retired now but was a Pontiac police detective (19 or my 26 in homicide and major crimes) who experienced a few of Jack's drop offs at the Osteopathic Hospital in Pontiac. Any way the cabin is just around the corner from our home. If you're working with the Sheriff's department at all, I'm sure they'll direct you to it. If not, I'm sure it can be arranged. Its gorgeous!! I love the cast (especially John and Susan) Best Regards Jane