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Engineer turned music composer M Jayachandran has learnt the art of balancing popular music with a connoisseur's selection. Jayachandran mesmerised Malayalam film audiences to...
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  • sadasivan-k-m-aluva 3 years ago

    M. jayachandran'S song 'nalla mamboo paadam' from Orkkuka vallappozhum is a rehash of the hindi song 'deewana karke chodoge' from 'Mere Jeevan Saathi'. The song 'manimaaran thannathu panamalla' from Olavum Theeravum has undoubtedly inspired M.Jayachandran to create the song'kallayikadavathe' from Perumazhakkalam. How one can explain away the similarities?

  • sadasivan 3 years ago

    After Raveendran master and Johnson master, there is not a single music director now in the malayalam industry who can be called a master music director. I feel pity for today's music directors. Today's music is irritating and disturbing. I wonder how a few people still likes these songs. I also wonder how these less talented music directors get away with state nad national awards each year. It is a matter of regret that the most talented, genius and veteran music director M.K.Arjunan master never ever received a state award. Dakshinamoorthy swami got a state award but only once. I don't the music directors of low calibre like M.Jayachandran and Ouseppachan deserves any awards. Their status is as a proverb says 'pottakkulathil pulavan phaneendran'.

  • shaji-daniel 3 years ago

    I disagree with you people. He is very much talented; i enjoy his each song with just like enjoying Honey. The reason why I come across this site while searching for his recent activities in the music industry;Since I donot watch Television channels I am not aware of his recent movies.But How can you so rude to him after all He is a musician with a heart of Gold.

  • ren 5 years ago

    Nix, You are right!

  • nix 5 years ago

    the most worst music director in malayalam. The one who spoils the latest malayalam music. There are a lot of gr8 tallented musicians in malayalam. done about 60 or more movies, only 1 song from AKALE, perumazhakkalam, and a few songs wer gud hit. THE COPY CAT...!!!!!! he just steals music from good songs and makes poor malayalam songs. examples are lot: baletta baletta song is stolen from the gr8 pop hit Rasputin. koottukari from the movie immininalloral is almost like stolen from the gr8 ar.rahman hit O Mariya. He changed somethings somewhere so that you cant easly figure it out. pachapanamthathe, kandukandu, etc. etc. i dont remember all his muds now, but he is the utter waste in malayalam music industry. but, still, poor directors call him...! what an industry malayalam is?? now not only the malayalam movie, but music is also killed...!

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