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  • pasumpon-karthick 3 years ago

    I am karthick my mother grandfather is the great legend chinnappathevar do u know kalimuthuthevar? His father and chinnappathevar father is brothers. Oak thevar is my relation. Oak sundhar is my mama. My mail id is mech_karthick@ymail.com

  • manoj-tyagi 3 years ago

    I always remember Dever sahib due to his great affection with the Animals ,even after non hindi personality he had been made lot of hindi film ,in which he used the role of Animals successfully,Hathi mere sathin is the great example , shown clearly how he loved with Animals. I am very much disappointed to see that after him none is responding to making film with Animals .

  • karthick 3 years ago

    i am chinnappathevar peran

  • s-venkatraman 4 years ago

    reallya great man and a man of honesty,workholic and he followed systematic disciplined ways in cine productionFirst he beleived God and then animals and only hardwork;He rose to great great heights and till date no one in the film trade can acheive his heights'Our concern Ananda Films and Vijayalakshmi Films film distributors for Coimbatore territory in Tamilnadu, India were the distributors for all the 74 films he had produced,since 1954'Personally he was our family freind and well wisher.The above thoughts are only small chip of the iceberg I have thousands of incidents to share and I will do it in the duecourse

  • shashikumar 4 years ago


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