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26 Aug 1997 (Age 19)


Madhu Priya is an upcoming Indian playback singer, who works primarily in tollywood. She became famous with the song "Adapillanamma Nenu Adapilanani".  ...
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  • Srinath a year ago

    Hopefully media is highlight this issue only because of other Girls/Boys won't go for love marriage before maturity age. I support Media here to Highlight this issue for awareness/educate the people. Please respect parents,family members(wife or husband) and society. Respect our culture too.

  • vamsi a year ago

    May be I think this not fare....... She is spoiling her husband reputation nd thinking that only she is a women...... Nd talking like that..... First of all she don't needs mrge at this age..... Nd she is playing games with all the people... Entire media alsoo...... Soo please don't repeat again..... Nd don't be childish nd don't doo foolish thingsthings

  • Chinnakhasim a year ago

    So good singer madhu priya

  • Chinnakhasim a year ago

    Not good descision madhu priya

  • M.Rajasree a year ago

    Actually marriage is not necessary in this age, she need to get a complete status in her life....in the age of 16,every one will fall in love, but they should get clarity among themselves n they should wait till, atleast 21...she went with her decisions very fast and I think she herself ruined her life.....even though the disputes occur in their married life was their personal, no need to open their issues in public and to media even...she herself ruined her husband's reputation......This is not fair Madhupriya , in another hand u r very brave n fighting with ur issues,but please think about ur future even....love u yaar...

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