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  • sneha 3 years ago

    nice movie

  • balaram-amara 3 years ago

    Dear Sridhar Babu, I am the late Muralidhar's father. Murali was an ardent admirer of yours. He sincerely sought to be groomed by your goodself and associated himmself with you heart and soul for a brief period before his life was cruelly cut short by Fate. I spoke to you the other day. Like Murali, I have an unremitting passion for cinema. While I cannot think of reaching the heights of achievement which Murali could have reached had he been alive, I cannot help expressing my desire to act in films in the roles of a character actor. If you could give me an opportunity for the same, you would really be granting me peace of mind. I shall soon be meeting you at Hyderabad. Yours affectionately [ A. BALARAM ] CELL NO. +91- 9810989911 Tele: 011- 40553708 RESIDENCE:-D-162(FF), Saket, NEW Delhi - 110017 I shall be meeting you soon at Hyderabad.

  • karthik 4 years ago

    very talent and super director to the telugu industry

  • kpar 6 years ago

    Young talented director

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