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  • narayan 2 years ago

    i heard the growth story of you is because of some schemes where you collect money form people and pay them with interest ,is it true

  • katta-vijay-kumar 3 years ago

    Hai sir...U R a good leader and good helping nature

  • gurumurthy-reddy 4 years ago

    Hai Sir, Meru Inka India Mothhaniki king ga vundalani heartful ga korkuntunnanu sir

  • anil 4 years ago

    Seema tapakai is a very good movie . Naresh and poorna looks good in this movie . Dance moments also so good

  • satish-gupta 4 years ago

    dear respected MD Sir, i am the employee of your wellfare group of companies, my dear sir i want to know that can i growth my self in your company if is it possible.

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