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  • dane-youssef 5 years ago

    Now here's an actor who had plenty of windows, but rarely a rock. Mark Feuerstein, the diminutive, boyishly handsome muscle-bound actor has had something of a spotty career. Making successful guest-spots and recurring roles and disastrous short-term regulars, Mark has certainly made his way into Hollywood out of sheer determination (and some may say talent as well). Starting out as a high school state champion wrestler planning on following in the family footsteps as a lawyer, after taking a theater class, Marky was smitten. He applied to the London School of Dramatic Arts--studied the art of physical comedy at Ecole Phillipe Gaulier in France. After some brief off-Broadway, he made waves as a recurring role with the on the soap "Loving" and then later became a recurring as the too-young and naive veterinarian boyfriend of "Caroline in the City." Folks were impressed and NBC put Feuerstein in a genuine good sit-com called "Fired Up" about an exec and her assistant who face the world together. But at a time where "Seinfeld" and "Friends" were must-see, NBC wanted to manufacture all their shows to be like these, "Fired Up" was laid off after almost two seasons. NBC tried again by giving Feuerstein his own star-vehicle "Conrad Bloom" about a young ad exec who was being smothered by every woman around him. An intriguing idea killed by a weak and lifeless execution. The damn thing moved at a slug pace, but died quickly. "Good Morning, Miami" was another loser, but one that put Mark on the map. But by next year, Feuerstein had become not only a known face, but heart-throb. He was named one of People's 50 Most Beautiful in '03. And appeared in the Off-Broadway production of "A Bad Friend." Mark FINALLY reached a foothold with USA's hit "Royal Pains." And his success as a bit-player continued with "In Her Shoes." Feuerstein is at the top now, short guy that he is. Because he crawled and clawed tooth-and-nail to get there.

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