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  • christine 4 years ago

    I dont know how they score on sexiness but you, get 5 stars in my book

  • secret-admirer 6 years ago

    marlon you are one of the finest men on earth.i love you to death. i can't believe i'm even saying this.much love

  • zelisa 6 years ago

    I am not sure that you remember me but, in 1991 you came to Chicago to film Mo-Money and I was an extra in the movie. You introduced yourself by talking about the hair on my legs and I was talking about the locks in your hair, we had become friends and you were excited because you had just purchased some type of appliance for your mom. Anyway you came to see me in my show dancing in chicago at the center in Chicago. You gave me your number we had lunch and we lost touch. I have been following your career since. I just wanted to catch up with you and talk. I posted my picture. Maybe you remember me. send me and email take care.

  • arpith 6 years ago

    Marlon Wayans , the man who played the role of Calvin in 'Little Man'. It was a good movie. He really tickled my funny bones.

  • natali 7 years ago

    hello! I speek so-so english because Iam from ARGENTINA. I like the movie,...I want to Know to Malton because I like him

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