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Matthew Goode

03 Apr 1978 (Age 37)


Matthew Goode is an English actor. Career Goode may be best known for his role as Mandy Moore's romantic interest in the 2004 film Chasing Liberty. Beforehand, Goode had played...
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  • kyle 5 years ago

    Hello....first time I saw the lead year movie... wow .... I continued interest in the way you act. you're really good at acting and has unique talents and how you act that makes you see the cute and handsome guy ... you know, I watch a movie that many times because I was attracted to your character in that movie ... I will follow the properties you're in the movie .. hope I can see the real you will :-)

  • lita-santos 6 years ago

    I first saw him in Chasing Liberty and thought that he was a promising actor- a little on the sweet, flirty side but I guess that was how he endeared himself to a lot of fans including this one. I bought the DVD in 2004 and watched it hmmmmm 12 times? Then I saw him in other movies like Match Point, Watchmen but recently, I saw Leap Year and he looks a little scruffier but I guess that's what the role called for. He was supposed to be Irish in this movie but could still detect the British accent. Nonetheless, he is still as cute and as charming as ever. I went back home and watched Chasing Liberty again as I thought he had more chemistry with Mandy than with Amy. I watched the film again, then the commentary which meant the whole film again and kept rewinding their love scenes (I believe scenes 19-24). I wish they had made more movies. They looked good together. Matthew, if you are reading this, you know you have a great fan here in San Diego. I wish you can stop by and look us up when you come this way. BTW, who's Molly? You mentioned her in the commentary for Chasing Liberty about the ipod she gave you. Was she your girlfriend at the time? Do you have one now? I know you have a daughter now who is one year old. Wish you can have your own website and showcase all your pictures including your family. Hope to see more films from you- and yes, keep those flirty eyes coming. You sure have my vote!

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