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  • bkpratyush a year ago

    sir,be confident .dont loose hope

  • nourkar 2 years ago

    i m not understanding y producers are investing money on this useless director.

  • venkat 2 years ago

    meher...Only after working as an assistant director for a few films and gaining confidence,u need to think abt directing a movie on ur own... Pls follow these seriously else I wont be surprised if Producers,Heros etc blacklist you...Tollywood might even banish you

  • venkat 2 years ago

    meher ramesh...sorry to say that ur movies lack content,the scenes that u direct are very boring..u dont have the talent to flourish as a director..Sincere advice to Meher Ramesh.....Stop directing movies for now.....u need to work as an assistant director for a few films atleast and gain good experience....

  • pandu 2 years ago

    ramesh gadu bekar gadu...vaditoti cinema a hero cheyadu...producers be alert

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