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Meiyang Chang

06 Oct 1982 (Age 32)


Meiyang Chang is a dentist. He was born on October 6, 1982 in Dhanbad, Jharkhand. His father is of Chinese origin and is also a dentist. His mother is a beautician. His hobbies...
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  • shabnam-mahmood 2 years ago

    Hi there Chang, Sorry for the belated birthday wish, had I only known earlier. I've become a fan ever since your Indian Idol appearance. I certainly feel you should do more movies as well as sing. A handsome multi-talented artist such as yourself if rare today's industry. I wish you the very best in your future endeavors and if you're ever in Chicago stop by for tea :-) All the very best to my favorite guy.

  • ipsita-garnaik 3 years ago

    first of all..i want 2 say dat i luv u jst lyk anything n i am a grtt grt fan of urs.....i lyk u from da vry first day of indian idol n i luv each n evry moments of urs....for watching u evry tym on tv,,,,i got scolded frm my parents n i cry lyk a mad fellow...i jst want a favour frm u which is my drm also dat i want 2 meet u once in my lyf n spend a few mins wid u...most impt 2 hug u n feel dat....plsss luv u

  • nolok 3 years ago

    I LOVE YOU CHANG!!! I Have always voted 4 u in JDJ...I watched every single episode of JDJ4 n II3...I stoped watching II after u were elmntd...I LUV U...I luv ur film BC...I LUV EVERY SINGLE THING ABOUT U...U R D MOST CUTE PERSON I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY 13 YEAR OLD LIFE....PLZ reply =)

  • dr-rekha 3 years ago

    hi chang,how r u? I liked u when u jumped in a pool after ur selection in indian idol first audition

  • meg 3 years ago

    Love u Chang!!!!!! I wish i was older....

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