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  • britt-from-sweden 2 years ago

    Hallo!I send you very good year and that you are better from the cancer. You are the best acter .

  • brandi-devaney 3 years ago

    Mr. Douglas - it is due to your presence and awareness of throat cancer on The Oprah Show that I went and was checked. I'm only 51 and am at Level III Carcinoma. My husband passed away just two years ago & I have been paying for a pre-existing insurance plan but that expires in August when I will be eligible for Medicare (whew!). Through all of this drama, the only set back I have encountered is the removal of my teeth. Please,sir, I am not asking for monies. I would like somehow to utilize your celebrity status to have that one procedure donated by any cancer society out there in return for becoming an advocate about the harm smoking cigarettes and drinking may cause. Thank you for any consideration you might have regarding this matter. And I am very thankful for you bringing this to my attention. It could have been much worse but you shared your agony with others. I appreciate the comfort & strength you have shown. Sincerely, Brandi

  • colleen-mendola 4 years ago

    I just want to say that although I have always been a fan of your work and will always be, I just watched your dad in Tough Guys and have to say I have always loved him as well. He is so perfect in this role and so strong. Your legacy is very strong. I wish you all the love and happiness with your family. On paper, as I've gotten to know you, you are a really good man. That is a feat to your character daily. Thank you for your dedication to your work. In my mind you are a very solid guy. Xoxo. Colleen

  • anne-soukhanov 5 years ago

    It was great to see you looking so well in the recent Matt Lauer interview. As a non-Hodgkins lymphoma survivor, I certainly understand what you've been through, and I hope that the cancer has been permanenly eradicated. You carried yourself through this harrowing experience with high style and courage. Cancer seems to bring out in people whatever is in them to begin with, and your strength of character is apparent. To life!

  • fran-in-florida 5 years ago

    Michael, I have been a fan of yours since my teenage years watching Streets of San Francisco. You were my first hollywood crush. My husband was just diagnosed with throat cancer. He will have surgery, chemo, and radiation. Your success with treatment is our inspiration. We are so happy that things are looking up for you. God bless you.

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