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M.N Lakshmi Devi, popularly known as Advani Lakshmi Devi is a veteran Kannada film actress. She has played a variety of roles such as comedienne, mother, grandmother in hundreds...
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  • varsha 2 years ago

    Advani Lakshmi Devi and M.N. Lakshmi Devi are two different people Advani Lakshmi Devi is the one who has acted as Rajkumar's mother in ERADU KANASU.

  • manih 4 years ago

    @arjun You can upload it here... or please open a new wikipedia page about her. Also upload pics with narsimharaju...

  • arjun-chandrashekar 7 years ago

    i am very sad to see no information about her other than her name i can give a lot of information about her ...... but how to upload it her .... please mail me to i will provide the information

  • arjun-chandrashekar 7 years ago

    M N LAKSHMI DEVI is one of the great artist of kannada film industry

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