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Mo Nique

11 Dec 1967 (Age 47)


Monique Imes known professionally as Mo'Nique is an American actress, comedienne, and talk show host. Mo'Nique was born Monique Imes in Woodlawn, Baltimore County, Maryland....
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  • trina 6 years ago

    I just had the opportunity to see your performance in precious. Wow Wow Wow!!! AMAZING! You may call yourself a comic, but you pulled something out of you that splashed itself across that screen and we all felt it, we had empathy for your character and we got her. I'm sure you're wondering if you can do it agian....but yes you can!!!! Brilliant!! I see very few performers who can bring it to that level. Go get it now. It's all yours!!

  • destiny-mcleod 6 years ago

    i have been a fan of yours every since the "parkers." you are very inspiring and truthfull i would really like to meet you. that would be my dream come true

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