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Monali Thakur

03 Nov 1985 (Age 29)


Monali Thakur is an Indian playback singer who sings mainly in Bollywood movies. Thakur comes from a musical family, as her father is Bengali singer and actor Shakti Thakur and...
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  • manish-buliya a year ago

    Happy Birthday

  • jyoti-das 3 years ago

    you are so cude

  • animesh-maity 3 years ago

    I love u Monali. Ur smile kills any boy. Ur voice is sexy. I love u very much.

  • hussain-mak 3 years ago

    Monali tomke vasay bojhate parbo na je tomake amr kotota valo lage,2mi amr samne dariye amke morte bolle ami morteo raji achi.2mi khub bhalo thako,khub sukhe thako r vagoban prithibir sakal sarthokata tomay dhele dik.luv u so much uncoditionally.

  • inder-mehtani 5 years ago

    Wish you a very enjoyable year ahead leave all bad happened to you and always remind good happened with you. as good memories gives good thoughts to mind. Wish a a very enjoyable year one again.

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