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  • rk-mukkavilli 6 years ago

    Ibecame an un-announced/un-declared fan of Mullapudi, by 1957. by then i read his short stories published in ANDHRA PATRIKA, i used to keenly read his RINANDALAHARI, RAJAKEEYA BHETALA PANCHAVIMSITIKA, GIRISAM LECTURES etc., in those days i was in Hyderabad. even after landing in delhi, i keenly followed his writings. all of a sudden during 1960s he abruptly stopped contributing novels/stories to magazines. had i not enjoyed his novels when i was young, i would have lived as a below average citezen. what i learned from him is wit and humour are essential. you may be having number of problems in life. you can surmount them with a smile. any author in his writings, wittingly or unwittingly gives some sketches of his personal experiences and life. from his writings i gathered that the path for success is only hardwork. i however feel that SRI RAMANAGARU is yet to give something best to his fan club. i expect that he is now well qualified to give commentaries on bhagavad gita. i wish him long life. ramakrishna mukkavilli, 011-47034128,

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