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  • rashee 2 years ago

    Hi Muzammil When will u come back on big screen

  • akram 4 years ago

    i like ur way of showing

  • fiat 4 years ago

    Assalamu'alaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh. how are you my brother? i hope you, your mom and your siblings are just fine today, tomorrow and ever :)) My regards to you and your family as well. i hope you carrer is always success... Amin ya Allah :)) From Jakarta With Love Fiat

  • amaan 6 years ago

    hi hot Muzamil Ebrahim how r u dude i like ur style i like everything ur real model..........

  • sneha 6 years ago

    hi...muzzi...hws u?i liked ur movie dhoka...nw which is ur upcoming movie? i m eagerly waitin 4 it..i like...ur too good...hope ur all wishes come true ...all the best dude....tk c

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