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  • angel-s 4 years ago

    Just saw your segment on "Celebrity Ghost Stories" also. I agree with the previous poster, Diana. I am Catholic too and have always been taught that you can pray for another person's soul, even after death. None of us knows where another person will end up after they die (i.e., heaven, hell, purgatory, etc.). So we are encouraged to pray for all of our deceased loved ones (and others), asking God's mercy for their souls, regardless of how they seemed to have lived their lives. The month of November is especially important in the Catholic Church. It is the month that the Church asks the faithful to pray for all souls, particularly those of relatives, friends, and others we may or may not have personally known. You can do this even if you are not Catholic. You can ask others to also pray for your friend, do a novena for him, and/or place his name in a petition that prays for others who are also deceased. At our church there is a list we parishioners are asked to sign with the names of the dead for whom we would like the whole church community to pray. You never know. Perhaps it was God's mercy at work that allowed your friend to make that one phone call to you. Maybe your friend knew you would always keep searching for a solution, always keep trying to figure out a way to help him. That is the only way that I know at this point. And now that you have told his story on "Celebrity Ghost Stories," I am sure there will be countless, nameless people out there who will pray for him as well. God is merciful. God is good.

  • diana 4 years ago

    Just saw the story on Celebrity Ghost Story. The reason your friend asked for your help your help, because he knew you could pray for his soul. Just as anyone can pray for the souls in purgatory for mercy and deliverance. I'm Catholic and we pray for the souls in purgatory daily. Your friend want you to pray for him. I guess Rose and I saw the same show. I'll pray also.

  • rose-s 4 years ago

    Just saw your story on Celebrity Ghost Story. I have the same ability your mother has. It is a gift.She has the opportunity to offer salvation before they crossover.Why did your friend call you? For your prayers of mercy & deliverance.It is NEVER too late.

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