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  • obsessed-with-nick-jonas 6 years ago

    nick jonas i really like you but everyone saids i don t have a chance with you what should i do i dream abot you i have your picture in my ackpack i listened to all your songs everyday i sing dear god at night so i feel good about myself Please reply to this when you get it. I would love to see you. Maybe we can be friends.

  • chaaarliechoo 6 years ago

    you guys rock. and i think your such good role models and i wish you the best of lucky with your career x

  • 120-103 6 years ago

    I Love YOur Songs

  • wury-maharani 7 years ago

    Hi nick.. If sick diabetes? Fast Steable okey.

  • love-nick-jonas 7 years ago

    hi jb.i love your songs and you're soooooooo cute. JB ROCK!

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