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  • actress-nicole 2 years ago

    My email address is southactress.nicole@gmail.com. email me anytime.

  • mak 4 years ago

    u r my dream girl.i never ever seen before beauty like u.ur smile r so cute.

  • babak-golbaharan 4 years ago

    me,,,me,,,me!!!!!hey again buddy!!!!!how is it goin???you look awesome....you put on fat abit though!!!!!where is idiot brother of yours by the way???????hey so good to see you,,,doin great...!!!!stay in touch

  • bahar 5 years ago

    Hello i want actress nicole Full Biography(Date of birth and Family and ...),and email address.Please send me in My E-mail Address:()

  • abhi 5 years ago

    hiiiii i like u'r preetyface ,but i lov u'r body