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Nithin Sathya

09 Jan 1980 (Age 34)


Nithin Sathya is an up-and-coming film actor in Kollywood, the Tamil film industry. He first appeared in supporting roles in several films playing a side villian and a side...
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  • bharathi 3 years ago

    I am a nithin bigs fan. And i watch all movies is very nice. And i like one time i meet in nithin

  • i-nithin-u-r-sexy-hero 4 years ago

    i need to be with u if u wish reply to my id

  • sairam 4 years ago

    hi nithin u r soo cute i like u very much i need to meet u and spend time with u a day plss reply

  • vijay 5 years ago

    Hi Nithin, Congrates & My best wishes too. God blessings you to long lives. Vijay, from Singapore.

  • saheela 5 years ago

    hi sathya. i'm ur great fan. i like ur acting so much in satham podatha ur acting is so sweet. any way all the best for ur next project. take care...............

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