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Paravai Muniyamma -Artiste and singer of Tamil village songs
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  • a-p-shivakumar-uae 4 years ago

    I met casually Paravai muniamma when she was in front of Naidu hall Showroom in Anna nagar nearly about 7 years ago. She is a very simple and good Human being and nice to talk to her.

  • appra 5 years ago

    Wonderful cooking with benefits of the recipes in the songs. Whre can I get the audio or video of the songs at least.

  • muneeshu 5 years ago

    She brought the village folk music of rural madurai to limelight.She has acted with many leading stars including heroes like vikram and comedians like vivek. May God bless her a long and healthy life. She remains as inspiration for many rurl singers.

  • murugesan 6 years ago

    hi patti im belonging to paravai, it is nice to visit and have a look at your website thank you

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