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Paresh Rawal

30 May 1950 (Age 64)


Paresh Rawal (Gujarati: પરેશ રાવળ Pareś Rāvaḷ) is an Indian actor from Bollywood, Mumbai of Gujarati background. Making his film debut in 1984, he mainly...
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  • ashutosh singh vns up a year ago

    paresh rawal ji wising u a very very happy birthday. N.,d gud morning n,d have a nice day .bhagvan kare ki aapki umra lambi ho

  • Sabbir Ahmed a year ago

    Hello sir, how are you? I am one of your mad fan. Sir I have a great complain about your govt. and your film industries, that is, every year there film award programs are taking place, but unfortunately those blind juries never nominate you for award. Why??? I would like to say to the juries that, there is no other best comedy actors in this universe than Paresh Rawal. He is the living legend of the worlds film industry. Just call for an international voting system, I swear you must get the highest vote ever. But sir you don't worry, you are inside our heart. Although I am a Bangladeshi, I understand every single word of Hindi. So according to my judgment you are the best best best and best comedy actor in the world. All are foolish who can not recognize your level of acting. I am sorry for my rude words in this comment, but I have no other choice but saying this. In every film award giving program me and my family keep waiting for your presence but unfortunately we disappoint every time.

  • himanshu a year ago

    movie name- “DIWANAPAN” produced by- T.P.SHAH___ Directed by - BALU JOHAR, this is your new movie in 2014-15. please sir inform me because i got fake agreement in which movie you will perform

  • kirit-sidpara 2 years ago

    Ram Ram Pareshbhai, I am your great fan and at one time I was leaving in paldi - Ahmedabad original by birth I am Tanzanian you have visited longtime ago Dar es saaam for stage performance. wish you happy Diwali in Advance and waiting for new movies. I enjoy watching all of your movies. goodluck

  • yogesh-bajracharya 2 years ago

    paresh sir,i am ur fan and waiting for ur new movies like shaukeen and kick.

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