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  • ss-dasan 4 years ago

    my dearest vinod im quite sure with your conclusion.YES!PKS WAS MURDERED.His death looks suspicious...nothing natural cause!

  • prasanna 4 years ago

    never forget kalayana sundaram golden songs golden lines,,,

  • abu 5 years ago

    Never forgettable all songs from P.K.S.KALATHAL ALIYATHA KAVIYANGAL - PKS SONGS.

  • vinod 5 years ago

    About True Fact of P.K. Kalyanam Sundram I have found some shocked news about him through my spiritual method that the world is also would not know about the real fact. The 1st is: 1) P.K. Kalyanam Sundram was murdered not die naturally. Reason: because of jeolusy. 2) He is reborn to the earth. Do you want to know who is he now...................... He is not other than our great A.R. Rahman. Please do some research before come into conclusion that it is true or false. I dont want to waste your time because of im telling lie to you all. I dont get any benefit. Please find out, sure all get answer.

  • lakshmanan 6 years ago

    Tamil nadu never forget that man

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