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Payal Rohatgi

09 Nov 1980 (Age 34)


Payal Rohatgi was born on November 9, 1980 in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, India. She is the daughter of Veena Rohatgi and Shashank Rohatgi. She has a brother named Gaurav Rohatgi....
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  • mohammad-abad 2 years ago


  • rahul-g 2 years ago

    Payal can't remain docile. It is not in her nature. The kink in her mind needs necessary outlets. And that's why she did those hot photo sessions with that lucky guy called sangram singh. Payal knows how to have fun. Awesome babe indeed. She has given many impressionable men many sessions of hot organrisations. Hope she resumes those hot pulsating kinda roles in movies that would sure send pulses rising for impressionable men again. Who can after all resist her!! If somebody can, then surely he isn't a hot blooded male!

  • shiakh-khaleel-andra-kadapa 3 years ago

    hi you looking hot good acting please continue film take care

  • mridul-chandra 6 years ago

    Her sexuality was "Hat Ke". She not only excited men with physical sexuality but also mentally by doing strong "female domination" kinda roles. That indeed was irresistable. Her manipulation of men in Laila, Fun and dominatrix role Chetna, and superior position in Men Not Allowed as well as Mr 100% were fantastic. She had her way to give a hard on to men in theatres every time she came on screen. Happy birthday and may she get to super stardom.

  • rakesh-malhotra 6 years ago

    Payal Rohatgi did some exceedingly hot movies for about three years starting 2003. The siren was in her breathtaking best in movies like Fun, Mr 100%, Chetna, Mazaa, Men Not Allowed, Tauba, Ek Se Mera Kya Hoga etc. In the stakes for being sexy she literally demolished all competition in the present as well as the past. Her confident sexual innuendos were the stuff of legend. She was always sultry with loads of make up and with readiness to drop clothes, she indeed was irresistable. Not surprisingly she had a fan following of her own with a niche presence in Indian filmdom. She would have gone places if she had chosen to act in South Indian films. With that as a base she could have furthered her Bollywood career. Why even Ash did that! Anyway, her die hard male fans only hope she will return in her sexy avatar and blow all competition into smithereens in the stakes for the number one sexy siren. Awesome is the word for this sexy girl. There is a certain masculine look about her sexuality that is irresistable. Long live Payal and a very happy birthday.

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