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  • jerome-a-holst-ohio 3 years ago

    Hi Peter. I am 61 years old and I would love to see a sequel to Easy Rider. Here's my idea for free. At the end of the film, Wyatt is badly shot, but doesn't die. Old and dying, one of his grandchildren asks him to tell them a story about his life. He tells them about his cross-country trip and how he was shot and how he avenged Billy's death by assembling an army of bikers to attack the redneck town where Billy died. "They killed Billy!, he tells his friends. The movie title: "Captain American's Revenge." The movie ends with Wyatt dying. In the clouds above we see Wyatt and Billy riding their cycles across the sky to the theme song "Born to be Wild." I'd pay big bucks to see that film.

  • jackie 4 years ago

    I see you don't have many fans. Now you have fewer. You and your grand kids need Jesus.

  • calvin-prigmore 5 years ago

    Hi i live in the Uk and found myself one of the CMC/INDIAN limited edition captain america bikes in georgia and had it shipped over to here but didnt get any of the original presentation pack/ authentification can any one help me get a message to peter to see if he can help me please ?

  • doug-bryde 5 years ago

    I've watched Easy Rider since 1968 in the Service. Never take off those Ray Ban olympia glasses, Sir. They were and are a trade mark. Captain America was cool, calm and having a ball. I hope you still have that Harley. We'll all miss Dennis. Billie.

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