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  • malik 3 years ago

    total waste, pls produce more film rather than making your own

  • d-srinivas-rao 6 years ago

    i am eagerly waiting for your movie mam, i am your biggest fan outside karnataka and being a nin- kannadiga i still watched your movie jambada hudugi. i like your fights particularly because you bash them mercilessly on streets. i hope you will do more fight scenes in this movie and do inflict more pain on the baddies/goons. please dub your movue in telugu so that i can understand no telugu heroine can do what you can do noteven vijayashanthi or mumaith khan because they lack something or the other but you have all the skills i.e. glamour, beauty, fights, dance, stunts you are the real hero madam i want to meet you.

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