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  • prem 2 years ago

    Al is gud sir ur brother panchaythi is not gud sir in case of mandla u al have money that means they may do anything with that poor people sir I m waiting they must cum in big meeting there u must tel in that people v r small people nathing happens for us if ur standerd get down that much people think what happens sir please make one movie on ur brother sir how to play double game v poor people u v get award sir

  • bhupendra-singh 3 years ago

    i like r.b.choudhry bharatn rata

  • mahipal-singh 3 years ago

    my super star

  • surinder 3 years ago

    Rachcha producers have not paid full amount to child artist Shriya sharma. This is shameful act by them. Raise voice for injustice.

  • suresh 4 years ago

    ur movies are very nice ,i like very mush sir............

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