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  • sruthi 2 years ago

    Hey Rahul, first thing..andala rakshasi film lo u hav done a grt job..but neither I liked u dying nor I wud have liked u marrying midhu...😉 I googled hell lotta pages fr ur contact number..but in vain.. hope v gt in touch soon..

  • rajyeswari 2 years ago

    u did a great job in andhala raksheshi good luck for next movie...

  • manasa 3 years ago

    hii rahul in andhala rakshasi u r looking soo cute and songs are so nice i really like it

  • priya 4 years ago

    i searched about u i didnt get any thing

  • priya 4 years ago

    rahul really u look good surly u hav bright future in life. work hard...

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