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Rekha Bhardwaj (also known as Rekha Vishal and Rekha Bharadwaj) is an Indian singer. Rekha Bhardwaj released her first album in 2004 titled 'Ishqa Ishqa' which won critical...
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  • mirza 5 years ago

    hey what a performance Rekha, thanks from all of us that you started singin song late but never which has blessed us with wonderful voice and talent. namak isk kaaaa cannot be forgotten keep it up and keep your originality which distinguish you amidst others

  • fazlu 5 years ago

    After listening to omkara song, i always curious to know who sung that song as it delivers the splendid talent which cannot be articulated by words. Ronedo song in maqbool film is another feather in Rekha hat and it accolades her to be perfec and very different than others. enjoyed each bit of her songs and Raavan latest song is just mervellous

  • donyyy 6 years ago

    Apnay jo sunaya hai ek tofa hai pyaar karnay walo kay liyay Your song has moved my heart.. AGAIN...:) Thank you!!

  • digvijay-singh 7 years ago

    " GENDA PHOOL " ...You are the best ...this is one of the best song I have ever heared...!!...

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