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  • paul-sparks 5 years ago

    Hi again, Re my previous email about wishing to interview someone about Richard Gere for UK TV: I presume that this site filters out all email addresses. I understand the need for security, but as I am representing a public broadcaster, I don't think such anonymity needs to apply in my case. The first half of my email address is channelfour followed by the at sign, then co.uk I hope that giving out this information doesn't break the protocol on this site. If it does, then I apologise, and perhaps someone could contact me and suggest another way I can make contact with a Richard Gere fan for the legitimate purpose of recording a short interview (probably by Skype) for UK television. Best wishes, Paul Sparks

  • damon 6 years ago

    I know that this site is probably built from just average, everyday people. I typed in "Richard Gere Fan Site" in a search & this was the first link. It's probably impossibe, but my grandmother, who's 86, was just diagnosed with cancer today. She's been fading away fairly quickly. She loves and has always talked about Richard Gere. Before she departs this earth, I thought maybe someone out there may know someway to contact him through an agent, etc... I'd love nothing more than for him to right a letter saying, Just hang in there and thanks for being a fan. It would make all her dreams come true. If anyone knows anyway this miracle could happen please let me know at my email address. I don't expect anything, but times running out and at least I tried. Thank you for taking the time to read my inquistion.

  • juani 6 years ago

    para mi richar es como el vino ... cuanto mas añejo mejor...

  • johnt 6 years ago

    trying to find the maker of mr. gere's eyeglass frames, thanks

  • sheila 6 years ago

    Richard Gere is one I can imagine to be with. I love the movie "Shall we dance" The part where he comes up the esclator with a rose in his hand I imagine that being me! He is so sexy and I love his movies he is in. "Pretty Woman" is another. Aloso "Runaway Bride". I wished when I turned 55 he would show up at my work with that rose in his hand for me! RIchard is gorgeous and sexy!!!!!

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