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  • lindsey 6 years ago

    Omg!!! Rob Lowe is the sexiest guy ever!! If i could marry him i totally would! In the movie the Outsiders he is the hottets! I would do anything to meet him, talk to him or even e-mail him!! I love him to dealth!! I would love to give him the biggest hug ever! i love when he gets out of the shower in the movie, then sits on the couch and yells " hey Two-bit, mikeys on!" and Two-bit comes running in the living rooom!! I also love they way he says, "after we beat those Socs tonight, good me and steve are gonna throw a huge party and everyone is gonna get ripped!! OWWWWWW! WHOOO!! If someone were to quiz me right now on that book id get every question right!! I love Rob (aka Sodapop Curtis!!)

  • km 7 years ago

    in the outsiders he is the hottest man alive and o m g wow i love him to death i would do anything to meet him!!!!!

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