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  • patriot 5 years ago

    Rob Reiner is a disgrace to this great country. He is affect a traitor the the capitalistic system that he was so fortunate to of inherited through his father. He would had never made it on his own starting with nothing. This commie Socialist Rob Reiner compared real Americans of the Tea Party movement to Hitler. And then gets patted on the back by another Socialist America hater by the name of Bill Maher. Hey Rob, you think you go it all together with your big mansion and celebrity status and believes it gives you the right to denigrate this great country. Well the second amendment gives you the right but that doesn't make your hate speech right.And if you do not believe that your comments do not have a negative effect on this country of which emboldens our enemies you are wrong. Go to a psychiatrist Rob and get that mental disorder that you have called Liberalism checked out. Get cured , then it may not be too late for you to pull your head out of your ass and help save this country.

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