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  • subbalakshmi 6 years ago

    rohan was the best part of the movie sarvam. he emoted very well andlooks very good, cute cheeky,innocent, sweeeeeet ........ saving grace of the movie !

  • shastav 6 years ago

    Rohan is the cutest boy. He is also a brilliant actor .

  • vk-and-sk 7 years ago

    rohan's acting is brilliant in the movie sarvam. he deserves a prize for his fantastic performance. we love him!!!

  • dubai-trade-centre-fans 7 years ago

    Rohan's acting was smooth as silk in his movie sarvam. his performance has been brilliant.

  • ravi-subramaniam-halls-road 7 years ago

    rohan is too cool and awsome in this movie - great potential in acting at such a samll age

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