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Rosshan Andrrews is a Malayali Indian film director. His Udayananu Tharam and Notebook have received critical response and are considered hits. His next film is being planned...
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  • shkr a year ago

    Thank you very much for the movie how old r you......l searched your number couldnt find it..great work...ktshakeer@gmail.com

  • Fr. Aby 2 years ago

    Hi Sir, How r u? .......I am a priest and i wish to meet you in person. I know you are in a busy schedule.....no rush. Hope you will consider......my email id: abyaliasignatius@gmail.com . Thank you and wish you all success and regards

  • rajesh 2 years ago

    Hai.. I am rejesh. I hope your fine. I have to speak with you. Can you send your mobile number in my mail rajeshaivainusa@gmail.com. now I am in Bahrain... I am waiting for your replay

  • chandu-rajeev 2 years ago

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  • dr-priju 2 years ago

    myself priju...remember our good old school days in st aloysius boarding house elthuruth. i like your films...will you give me your contact number cppriju@gmail.com 9847677306. We want you to come for our arts festival at CWRDM, Calicut

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