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Saeed Jaffrey

08 Jan 1929 (Age 85)


Saeed Jaffrey (Punjabi: ਸਈਦ ਜਾਫ਼ਰੀ, سعيد جعفری; Hindi: सईद जाफ़री)  is an Indian-born British actor, who has done numerous...
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  • dinesh hassija 5 months ago

    supporting actors do contribute in making a good films...

  • jawala kumar a year ago

    happy birthday to u aap jio hazaro sall ki saal ke din ho hazar

  • naeem-khan 6 years ago

    KHUSHI SE BEETE HAR DIN har suhani rat ho. JIS TARAF APKE KADAM PADE vaha phulo ki barsat ho. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

  • grith-lillevang 6 years ago

    Hello. In 1992 i was traveling in india and talked with you in the airport in New Delhi.I come from Denmark. You invited me to your studioes in Bombay. At that time I was 19 years old. I am tall, light skin and long red hair.Do you remember me?.Love From Grih

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