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  • riya-kapoor 3 years ago

    Gave my ratings and it speaks all about you.

  • johny 6 years ago

    hi Sameer, you are doing nice work on IPL. But i want to really know, what's problem with Kris Srikanth, the India team selector, becoz u always making fun of him on IPL interviews. you know very well that he's an illiterate on talking in hindi, then why you do this ? ok, anyway its a fun to watch.. haha...

  • samir-kochhar 6 years ago

    hey!! thank u all for writing these wonderful things.. love u guys.. LOOK OUT FOR HIDE N SEEK my new movie releasing on the 12th of march and dont forget to watch me on IPL3.. KEEP IN TOUCH!!

  • saz 6 years ago

    Heyy Sameer, u r soo hottt n think ur an awesome actor. hope things r goin well 4 u.. keep smiling =] xx

  • rubeena-darbar 7 years ago

    hiiiiiiiii sameer kochhar h r u you are very smart & cool & very very sweet byyy t c cyyyyyyyyyy

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