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Sandra Bullock

26 Jul 1964 (Age 51)


Sandra Annette Bullock, is a Screen Actors Guild Award-winning and two-time Golden Globe Award-nominated American-German actor. She came to fame in the 1990s, after roles in...
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  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    Hi Sandra i m big fan of u. wish u a very very happy birthday in advance. i know u dont have time for reply to everyone. but its ok. enjoy ur day.

  • james 6 years ago

    Your resposible for your own actions not everyone else , and from what I can tell your doing just fine

  • bev-finnern 6 years ago

    I just watched The Blind Side two nights in a row and absolutely loved it. These are the kind of movies that you can feel good about watching with your kids because they send a message. I cried both times and you are phenominal in this movie. I'm so sorry about the things going on in your personal life but you will get through it. Please consider more roles like these because you make an incredible impact and especially on children. Hats off, you are wonderful!!! I never buy movies but i will buy thi sone to watch for years to come.

  • pat-chicago 6 years ago

    Love you, love your movies. You are soooo very talented, beautiful and deserving of all that life can give you. Stay strong, you will continue to succeed. I worked as a set medic on U.S. Marshall's and my friend worked on one of your movies. I so wish I could have worked also. Would have loved to meet you. She said you are the sweetest, most wonderful actress. Best to you always!

  • holly-in-victoria-tx 6 years ago

    Chin up, bella. Men cheat because they can. Marshal your assets and protect yourself.

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