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  • vijay-rai 6 years ago

    Hi Sharat Sir, me and my family is very fan of yr 100% de Dana dan ,Unfortunatally i saw the fight of Jigiya who is no more now is it true? Please inform me as my family is very socked to here this. Please inform me about this soon.

  • amit-kataria 6 years ago

    Hello sarat sir How are you, I saw your 100% de dana dan . please confirm it is any filmy show or real fight . If it is a real fight than we are & selectors os team are taking it very lightly,The joker,tiger,other one why they have been select... If it is very real than that firangee was calling all India carry & Rayat, HE kick over fighter why you not him,why over fighters do not beat him when they commit cheating, You & all 13 fighters are presenting all the indian.if all fighters are bitten by kangaroo than over dignity willbe collapse You are humble Advice please give instruction the fighters don't miss any chance & don't try to do acting to show your self the public.go to ring and only collapse the kangaroo & after winning they can show himself. if fighter is very power full than over fighter than please give instruction to hit him only any one point & save overself.(shoot and scoot) over family ( my father 65 years).. & my sone (2year )We watch all WWF /RAW/WWE fighting if I heart you please forgive me .Becouse you know better than me. Amit kataria

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