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  • jagdish-sharma 7 years ago

    Mr Dasgupta I read your comments about Slumdog Millionnaire. You have described the slums as hidden under a bandage. I would say it is more like swept under a carpet. We know our home is dirty and untidy but we are too busy showing the outsiders our richly possessions and rather than cleaning our home, we sweep the dirt under the carpet hoping no one will see it. We forget that dirt does eventually smell and various germs start to grow. But we like to live in self denial, living in air conditioned rooms would like to think there is no poverty, misery or crime. Once in a while, an outsider comes and finds that "smell" and we are offended but rather than being obliged for this realisation, we become defensive. Living in denial, we are sending false message to those who can bring about the changes. Realising the problems, we can try to do something to resolve them and that is exactly what you as a filmmaker should do. As a film maker, try to get out of your fantasy world and face the reality. Create a "jagrity" amonst Indians.

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